Expressive Arts & Holistic Practices

Expressive arts and holistic practices allow for a multi-sensory experience. Every program and service integrate one or more of the following: 

Expressive arts are all about growth, healing and wellness. Unlike traditional arts, the process is most important. It is a discipline that focuses not on the product, but on discovery and change of the artist. 

Alternative or complementary therapies, and holistic practices are terms used to describe a wide array of healing practices that incorporate Eastern approaches to mental health. Some examples are aromatherapy and meditation. PPC has an eclectic worldview of wellness practices. 

Our programs aim to engage, educate and empower! We believe that art provides the platform to promote self-exploration, self-expression, self-regulation and self-care. 

Music & Media Therapy
Sound Therapy, Movies | Plays, Song Writing & Recording

Herbalism, Botanical Healing & Essential Oils

Eco-Therapy Nature
Gardening, Nature-based Exploration & Play, Wandering & Grounding

Visual Arts Therapy
Interior Design, Fashion, Mixed Media DIY Projects, Photography & Painting

Culinary Arts Therapy
Cooking, Baking, & Recipe Creation

Storytelling, Reading, Poetry & Creative Writing

Movement Therapy
Dance, Aerobics, Yoga & Drama

The Importance of Arts

Creativity helps us understand and share our individual and collective selves.

Arts is Engaging.

PPC uses art as a tool for discussing and processing tough topics.  It transcends race, age, culture, social, educational and economic barriers. Art enriched programs enhance critical and creative thinking. Art is a form of communication that increases vulnerability and trust; and fosters healing and growth.

Art is Playful & Powerful.

Art and play are natural ways we adapt and develop new skills. They not only bring joy, but are also vital for cognitive functioning, problem-solving, attention, motor skills, relationships, empathy and creativity.
Movement and play can also reverse the damaging effects of acute and chronic stress to the brain and immune system. 

Art is Therapeutic.

Our programs and services that are art-based, therapeutic, multi-sensory, exploratory and experiential learning. The PPC Team aim to create a culture of competence, dignity, diversity, support, strength, safety and security. This sparks social and emotional learning (SEL).

SEL is the process of gaining and applying the knowledge, attitudes and skills to:
• Understand & manage emotions
• Set & achieve positive goals
• Feel & show empathy towards others
• Establish & maintain positive relationships
• Make & act on responsible decisions

Art is Change!

Our programs and services are developed, implemented and evaluated by mental health practitioners, social activists, educators and professional artists. Art helps us show up as our authentic selves in order to engage, educate and empower and achieve emotional wellness for all.

PPC provides awareness, education and tools that promote skills, techniques and strategies in the following areas:
• Self-exploration
• Self-expression
• Self-regulation
• Self-care


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