Welcome to The Remix

virtual counseling & coaching services

The Remix is a virtual, restorative place where thoughts, feelings, and experiences are processed and explored. Skills and tools are learned to promote a healthy relationship with self and with others.

The Remix supports you in releasing and becoming your best self!

"Change is a process...not a destination that must begin with the mind."

Remix Rage Smash Room

Remix Rage is a therapeutic program that provides the tools necessary to aid in emotion regulation and frustration tolerance.

Anger and stress are inevitable; however, Remix Rage provides the strategies to master and implement mental health skills in a healthy and safe way.

Learn to go from “10 to Zen!”

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Counseling & Coaching

We are a boutique private practice that works with clients 16 years old and beyond.

Coaching services are available to clients that live globally.

Trauma-Informed Counseling services are only available to clients that live within either Washington, DC or Maryland.

Virtually or In-Person

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the significance of our name

Why the Name "The Remix"!?

“Re” is a Latin prefix meaning "again" or "back". It was created to help us understand that things may not always be right the first time. Also, even when things are good; life can always shift towards amazing! Like the remix of a song, Remix encourages us that in order to create change, we do not need to start from scratch. We can begin where we are, with what we have; with minor tweaks…every aspect of our lives can be Remixed.

Mental Health programs and services in general ought to be Remixed. Within the physical health arena, there are a plethora of wellness and nutrition treatments and education programs. However, there are only a few healthcare regimens that people thoroughly enjoy. Pleasure in healthcare is important if we want to be consistent and achieve their treatment goals. The same must be true for mental health. Let’s be honest, traditional Western mental health treatment options can be disenchanting.

Motivating people to begin is an arduous process; maintaining engagement is also taxing. That is not considering the actual therapeutic work that needs to be done to achieve goals. To truly meet the needs of clients and communities; mental health as a system must be remixed. Mental health clinicians and organizations must shift towards means that are innovative, inspiring, culturally relevant and diverse so clients want to learn and stay engaged. We want to be different; and incorporate ways to make mental health enjoyable.

Welcome to The Remix!