PROPEL Wellness Therapeutic Programs

We learn through art, nature, and play. Our programs are geared towards discovery and exploration. We provide a person-centered, emotionally safe, and supportive environment that celebrates vulnerability, healing, and growth. Our programs focus on identity and expression of self. It is so important to establish emotionally supportive spaces to begin exploring who they we are and want to be.


Wellness Lounge

Counseling & Resource Center
Zen Garden
Consignment Shop & Apothecary

*Private Event Rental Space*

In collaboration with Artesian Enterprises & From TenEleven


Gardening & Ecotherapy

Nature-based Learning

"Let food be thy medicine." - Hippocrates

Remix Rage

Anger Expression

Classes & Workshops
Rage-In-A-Box Toolkit
Remix Rage Smash Room

Check YourSELFie

Mixed Media

Self-Soothing &
Self-Care though
Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Recipes &
Arts & Crafts Projects
Art Journaling​​​​

Munch Mindfully

Aromatherapy & Nutrition

Emotional Wellness & Mindfulness for Weight Management & Self-Care ​​​​​​​

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Recipes 

Studio Creative


Celebrating Individual Style and Artistic Expression through Fashion & Interior Design

Forget Me Knot

Visual Arts

Critical & Creative Thinking through Story Telling & Look Book Curating

"Beautiful Like Me"

Girls+ Workshop

Positive Body Image, Self-Love & Healthy Relationships


Performing Arts

Self-Exploration & Discovery through Body-based Learning

Mind-Body Ready!

School Readiness (2-5yrs)

Emotion Regulation & Discovery through Yoga, Storytelling, Arts & Therapeutic Play