Our Therapeutic Programs

We believe that everything is connected! Mental, physical and spiritual experiences are all intertwined. Our programs involve the mind and body as equals to promote learning, healing, growth and change. All of our programs are individualized and designed specifically for our clients.

Every program combines both art and mental health structured activities and components at its foundation. Now two programs are the same!

"Beautiful Like Me"

Elementary, Middle & High School Girls Workshop

Positive Body Image, Self-Love & Healthy Relationships

Check YourSELFIE 

Open Forum

Self-Awareness & Self-Care through Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Recipes

Remix Rage

Individual, Organization/Company

Therapeutic Mind-Body
Anger & Stress Expression, Exploration & Processing
"From 10 to Zen!"

Munch Mindfully

Individual (16yr+), Organization/Company

Emotional Wellness & Mindfulness for Weight Management & Self-Care

Propellers Internship

Teen & Young Adult

Virtual Employment Opportunity & Therapeutic Mentorship

Propellers Bootcamp

Teen & Young Adult

College & Vocational Training Program Application Support

Puzzle Pieces & Pipelines


Social Justice Themed Discussion & Escape Room Game Creation​​​​​​​

Mommy & Me Mindfulness


Activities for Attachment, Bonding & Modeling Pro-Social Behavioral

Wellness Works


Employee Wellness Program for Stress and Burnout ​​​​​​​


Open Group Workshop

Spiritual Wellness through Poetry and Art Journaling ​​​​​​​

Expressive Arts Education

Open Forum

Classes & Workshops

Entrepreneurship Education

Open Forum

Classes & Workshops

Mental Health & Emotional Wellness Education

Open Forum 

Classes & Workshops