Our Therapeutic Services

Similar to our programs, our services combine the expressive arts and mental health strategies. Our services are designed to promote social, emotional and behavioral wellness for our clients. We believe everything is connected and our mental health is at our core. It impacts everything we think, feel and do. 

Our services encourage the use of both the mind and the body as equals to promote learning, healing, growth and change.

We specialize in the following themes: healthy relationships with self & others, positive body image, self-expression, setting boundaries, self-care, anger & stress management, compassion fatigue, workplace burnout, financial wellness and entrepreneurship. 


21yr+ Men

Support Group for Men

Last Thurs. of Every Month @ 7p SLOTH Wellness Lounge

Feeling Triggered 


Wellness, Relationships & Social Justice Podcast with our PPC Staff & Guests

Remix Rage Smash Room


Smash Room for Anger & Stress Expression & Processing
"From 10 to Zen!"

Remix Teletherapy

Ages 16yr+ (DC & MD residents only)

Virtual Therapy to Promote Healthy Relationships, Boundaries & Self-Care

Entrepreneurs Encouraged

Rage-In-A-Box Toolkit

Individual, Organization/Company

Activities & Education Resources for Anger & Stress Expression
"From 10 to Zen!"

Blerdy by Nature

Open Forum

Support Group for Black Nerds

Bosses who Brunch

21yr+ Women

Support Group for Women



Fully Immersive Mental Health & Emotional Wellness Education Series for a Church Community

Remix Rage Training

Workshop (In Person or Virtual)

Therapeutic Mind-Body Anger & Stress Expression, Exploration & Processing Program
"From 10 to Zen!"

Remix Design

Individual, Organization / Company

Interior & Event Design, Staging & Styling

Remix Coaching

Individual, Organization / Company

Virtual Financial Wellness Education & Coaching 

Propellers Bootcamp

Teen & Young Adult

College & Vocational Training Program Application Support

Black Girl Thrive


Retreats & Experiences for Black Women Wellness Practitioners & Healers

In collaboration with In Grace Yoga Therapy